Crypto Commodities

Your Financial Future.

GoldBars (GBS), the first crypto commodity in the process of being linked to real world physical gold, This would have to be the opportunity of a lifetime. Thanks to Bitcoin paving the way as a crypto currency, you now have the opportunity to buy Crypto Commodities which is what we have here to share with you; GoldBars (GBS)

Building Your Wealth

One Gold Bar At A Time

CryptoBars is now one of the worlds largest independent custodian financial groups of Crypto Commodities.


CryptoBars holding of approximately 300,000 Crypto Commodity GoldBars (GBS) is the first to have the intention of pegging it directly to physical real-world gold, therefore an intended market value of over US$500,000 per bar.

Until such time as this happens we would like to share the wealth with as many people as possible by putting a nominal price of $500 per Crypto Commodity GoldBar (GBS). These will not last long as we have a limited amount at this price point, so take advantage of this offer while it's here and good luck to those that acquire them at this early price.


Governments State & Local

Buy Goldbars (GBS) now as once it's pegged to real world gold you will be able to pay down your country's debts & invest in infrastructure creating long term jobs & stability. Remember Goldbars(GBS) is New Money.

Brokers & Traders

Buy Goldbars (GBS) now as you can make more money using GBS than you could using any other instrument (etf's/paper gold). It's faster to transfer; almost instant wallet to wallet, cheaper; minimal to no fees, you can transfer while you are on the phone to your investment client. Very powerful indeed.

Banks & Institutions

Buy Goldbars (GBS) now as once it is pegged to real world gold you can use them as reserves, minimise your leverage ratios and increase your lending ratios, win win.

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